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A Magyar Lobbi Akció Levele
14th July, 2011 by Liptak

Hungarian Lobby (HL)

A Magyar Lobbiba mondenki csak ÖNMAGA iratkozhat fel! A feliratkozáshoz csak egy üres levelet kell küldeni az alábbi címre:

Ha bővebb információ érdekli vagy korábbi akcióinkat kivánja megismerni, megtalálja azokat az alábbi cimeken:


Ez a levelem most csak a lobbink azon résztvevőinek szól akik amerikai állampolgárok, de tájékoztatásúl megküldöm mind az 1013 résztvevőnknek.

Ezen a címen olvasható Benjamin L. Cardin szenátornak a Szenátusban elhangzott nyilatkozata:

és alább pedig mellékelem a néki írt válaszlevelemet. Aki egyetért, hogy nyilatkozata sérti az összmagyarságot és írni kiván neki, az az alábbi címre küldheti levelét:

Ajánlom ezen kívül, hogy leveléröl mindenki küldjön másolatot a saját szenátorának és képviselőjének is. Azok címei itt találhatóak:


July 14, 2011-07-14

Dear Senator Cardin,

As reported in the Congressional Records you have expressed views that are deeply disturbing to the 1.5 million Hungarian Americans. This is not only because an American Senator should not take sides in the internal politics of another nation, but because your statements are highly biased as they are based on Socialist Party sources. I will list some examples:

You reported on the dedication of the statue of President Reagan, which is in front of the American Embassy. This is the very building where Cardinal Mindszenty found refuge in our 1956 fight for freedon, yet you did not even mention this fight, which mortally wounded the brutal red empire of the Soviets. This is probably because your Socialist Party sources did not bother to inform you about 1956 or about the fact that Hungary lost 3% of her population in that fight and after that as refugees (the equivalent of America losing 10 million of her young and best educated citizens) in this superhuman effort to regain her freedom and independence.

You correctly expressed your support for the rights of the Jewish, Roma and other minorities in Hungary, but did not speak up at all for the rights of the Hungarian minorities in the neighboring nations (people who became minorities without moving from their hometowns, but became foreigners by some politicians redrawning the borders around them). You not only disregarded the most basic humand rights of these Hungarian minorities, but even questioned their right to dual citizenship, which is a basic right and is granted not only to all American citizens, but also to Romanians, etc..

You correctly expressed your repulsion by the racist views of the „Jobbik” party that won 17% of the vote in Hungary, but gave no emphasis to the fact that the Hungarian voters overwhelmingly rejected them. You correctly stated that 400,000 Jewish Hungarians were murdered in Aushwitz, but did not mention that this occurred in an occupied country. You implied that there was something wrong with the Fidesz winning in 52% of the voting districts and yet obtaining a 2/3 majority in the Parliament. Obviously, your Socialist Party informers did not bother to explain that in Hungary (and many other countries) the votes of the losing minority in the various districts are also counted and are given representation. In other words, half of the representatives are selected on the basis of the popular vote and if in a voting district the MSZP gets 51% and the Fidesz gets 49% of the votes, that 49% will also be considered in the popular vote.

You correctly implied that the government of Hungary should have expressed its support ending the occupation of Tibet, but ask yourself if you spoke up in the Senate for the independence of Tibet, when the Chinese leaders visited here? If you did not, what does that imply? You have also said that the Hungarian Media is not free. You should have asked your Socialist Party informers to name just one reporter who is in jail or for the name of a single publication that was closed down. I know of none!

I will stop here with my listing of all the biases and half truths in your statement and ask that you to correct them, after acquiring the facts. Let me also tell you that I am a registered Democrat, yet if I do not see such a correction by you or by some of your Demicratic colleagues, I will consider that an insult by the Democratic Party as a whole to all Hungarian Americans and I will at least stay home at the next election.


Prof. Béla Lipták, PE
President, Lipták Associates, PC
84 Old N. Stamford Rd.
Stamford CT 06905
T/F: 203-357-7614

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