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Letter Campaign Regarding Sec. Clinton's Letter & Fact Finding Trip to Hungary
6th January, 2012 by News

President Barack Obama January 5, 2012
White House,
Washington, D.C.

Re: Secretary Clinton’s letter to Prime Minister Orban of Hungary and the planned fact finding Congressional Delegation’s trip to Hungary

Dear Mr. President!

I am one of the 200,000 Hungarians who escaped from Hungary in 1956, after the soviet army crushed the briefly victorious revolution against the Soviet/Communist Dictatorship in Hungary.
I was greatly disturbed by Secretary Clinton’s letter to the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. Her letter was based on totally inaccurate information promoted by a conspiracy of individuals, associated with the previous government, which was basically the successor of the old socialist/communist dictatorship which collapsed together with the Soviet Union. Their interest is only personal gain and not the interest of the Hungarian people.

I visit Hungary every year since 1989 and observe and follow the situation there. Various governments, especially the last one, mostly far-left socialists, whose members were corrupt, sold all the valuable assets of the Hungarian economy and brought the country to the edge of an economic collapse.
Finally, the Hungarian people elected the party of Orban with an overwhelming majority of the votes over the insignificant percentage of the votes of the previously ruling far-left and the now emerging extreme right parties. The government of Orban has an extremely difficult task to deal with the tremendous debt inherited from the previous government and is under great pressure to prevent the collapse of the Hungarian economy. In order to do this the government is forced to bring unpopular tightening similarly to some other EU nations, Greece, Italy, etc. It is understandable that some people can’t or do not want to accept the necessary “tightening” and they demonstrate.

Hungary elected a leader whose past was open and clean, without any “ baggage” .The huge majority of the Hungarians are proud of him.
• His government already succeeded improving Hungary’s finances which became catastrophic under the previous government.( Wall Street Journal, Jan. 5, 2012).
• As a young man in a speech given in 1989 at the reburials of the Hungarians martyrs executed after the 1956 revolution, Orban demanded free elections and that the Soviet Army leave Hungary.
• During his previous service as Prime Minister in the late 1990-s, he promoted the establishment of the “TERROR HOUSE” in the infamous” 60 Andrassy St.” in Budapest, over the resistance of the remnants of the previous far-left socialist regime. This is an exhibition in that building showing the torture chambers, equipment, methods, description of it’s history, including the photo gallery of those responsible for what was going on there during the time of the fascist and the communist terrors. Some of those people are still free, living in Hungary on excellent government pension.
• He is a true patriot and his only goal is to restore his country’s economy and the wellbeing of her people, while being a member of the European Union.

I believe, it was a great mistake for Secretary Clinton to issue that letter without totally researching the facts in depth so as not to fall under the influence of any groups with ulterior motives and cause further economic harm to Hungary, our ally. The anger of the majority of Hungarians over the unjustness of this letter is overwhelming.

Mr. President. Let us all trust that our fact finding congressional delegation will be successful in finding the real truth.

It still puzzles and hurt the Hungarian people, that the US did not protest or send a fact finding delegation to Budapest in 2006, after the far- left government ordered the mounted police to charge into the peaceful memorial march of thousands, to disperse them, beat them bloody and fired rubber bullets into them on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution against the Soviet occupation of Hungary and her communist puppets. Many people were seriously hurt having broken bones and eyes shut out.

Mr. President. Please help to put an end to this international conspiracy against the present government which was freely elected by the overwhelming majority of the Hungarian people.



Rep. Dan Burton , Fax No. 317-846-7306

Rep. Gregory Meeks Fax No. 718-725-9868

Del. Donna Christensen St. John District Office,
#109 Contant-Enighed
Cruz Bay, St. John, VI 00831

Rep. John Carter Fax No. 512- 246-1620

Rep. Phil Gingrey Fax No. 770-795-9551

Del. .Madeleine Bordallo Fax No. 671-477-2587

Rep. Steve Pearce Fax No. 575-522-0001

Rep. Andre Carson Fax. No. 317-283-6567

Rep. Frederica Wilson Fax. No. 305-690-5951

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