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Szekely Autonomy, Solidarity Event
5th March, 2016 by News

Szekely Autonomy, Solidarity Event /DC - join us supporting the autonomy struggles of the Szekely (ethnic Hungarian) people of Transylvania

Come and join us supporting the autonomy (freedom) struggles of the Szekely people [ ], here in DC (in front of the White House, similar to what we did in the Spring & Fall of 2013) - with a lot of Szekely flags [we have plenty of flags, however if you have one bring it along].

When: Sunday March 6, at 2pm (plan to be there for about 1 to 2 hours, from 1:45pm to 3:15pm)
Where: in front of the White House (Lafayette Square Park)

Our show of support will be one of many around the world that will take place around the same time (+/- a few days) as the actual March for Autonomy (Freedom) of the Szekely People in Marosvasarhely, Transylvania. More information about the actual March that will take place in Marosvasarhely, Transylvania can be found here: Szolidaritási megmozdulásokra hívja az SZNT a világ magyarságát március 10-én

Szolidaritási megmozdulásokra hívja az SZNT a világ magy...
Szolidaritási megmozdulások szervezésére kérte a Székely Nemzeti Tanács a világ magyar közösségeit 2016. március 10-ére, a Székely Szabadság Napjára.
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Additional background information:ékely_autonomy_initiatives

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