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Door-to-Door packages to Hungary
Submitted by: Pierce on 28th August, 2013 - 09:41 - #1888

Door-to-door packages
DC area Packages collection point/Charity for Romania
this is a VOLUNTEER collection point serving the Romanian/Bulgarian/Hungarian/Serbian community and do NOT work for money but for BestTrans's goodwill to ship care packages to help to the needy in Romania
• VOLUNATRY insurance= 5% of amount you would like to insure

• ALWAYS call first and provide time of your arrival/call if that time cannot be kept

• no delivery after 7:00 PM and on weekends (exceptions are made on a case by case basis)
• park ONLY in front of garage

• use cart if needed - take pathway on left of garage and come to the back of the house

• pack tightly (any container acceptable)

• 40 lbs MINIMUM to ONE address/max 80 lbs for one package

• seal package well and label w/Romanian address and phone number

• PLEASE bring packages READY for shipment

• any questions/comments after they leave my collection point should be directed with receipt number ONLY to customer service and NOT to me

• fee depends on volume as well: if (L x H x W) : 166 exceeds weight, it will be that amount x cost/lb delivery time+ 6-8 weeks from the time it leaves my collection point

• ROMANIA $1.25/lb some fees may apply/please ask first

• Rep Moldova/Serbia/Hungary/Bulgaria: $1.60/lb
• UK $1.75
• there is NO service to other countries and no shipment from these countries to the US

• BestTrans prices are fees are NOT negotiable

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