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> December 5, 2004
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The blood supply of our modern life is electricity. The electric generator was discovered by Bláthy/Déri/Zipernovszky, the electric motor by Ányos Jedlik and the electric train by Kálmán Kandó. After the Earth's fossil fuel reserves are exhausted, electricity will be generated from nuclear and solar sources. It was Leo Szilárd who invented the first nuclear reactor and Eugene Wigner who discovered the plutonium reactor, while the most respected international authority on solar energy is Mária Telkes.

Building construction and transportation both went through major advances in the 20th century. It was Pál Csonka, who discovered the membrane shell structures and it was Pál Lipták who invented the prestressed reinforced concrete. In the area of transportation Donát Bánki invented the carburetor for the internal combustion engine, János Csonka invented the aluminum gasoline engine, Oszkár Asboth the propeller for the helicopter, while Theodore von Kármán became the father of supersonic flight with his contributions to the development of the jet and rocket engines.

Probably the greatest Hungarian contributions were made to the progress in communications. It started with Tivadar Puskás's telephone exchange, Zoltán Bay's radar and Antal Csicsátka's stereo-radio. Next Fülöp Lénárd discovered the CRT (cathode ray tube), Péter Goldmark invented colored TV and Dénes Gábor the holograph for reading bar codes in business transactions. The real revolution in communications was initiated by János von Neumann, who invented the computer and the binary code. He was followed by János Kemény, inventor of the microcomputer and of the Basic code. After them came the father of the chip, András Gróf (Grove), the founder of Intel.

In October, the 6th international conference on Distributed Control Systems (DCS) will be held at Hotel Palota in Lillafüred, where all are invited to meet the new generation of Szilárds and Neumanns.

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