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21st July, 2009 by Liptak

Két hibát is elkövettem a korábban kiküldött akció felhivásomban, melyeket alább kijavitottam. Az egyik a büntetés összege ami 5,OOO euro. A másik az magyar EU képviselök cimlistája, melyen hibásan a régi képviselök szerepeltek. A kijavitott levelet és a mostani képviselök cimlistáját alább mellékelem.

Lipták Béla



On June 30, Slovakia’s President Ivan Gasparovic signed a law that eliminates the use of Hungarian, Ukranian and Roma (but not Czech) languages from being used in the public sphere. The law establishes a special department which can fine the violators for up to 5000 Euros, if the superiority of the state language is violated. The law that criminalizes the use of ethic languages was introduced by the far right Slovak National Party’s leader, Jan Slota.

The half million Hungarians in Slovakia are not emigrants. They live in centuries old towns and villages built by their ancestors and became ethnic minorities only because the borders have been redrawn around them. Yet, -depending on the interpretation of the law -, even their gravestones might have to be re-carved and it is possible that Hungarian fireman, - while putting out a fire in a Hungarian town - might have to pay a fine if they do not speak Slovak among themselves and to the owner of the house.

Human rights organizations are considering legal action against this form institutionalized surveillance and linguistic imperialism. They are contacting the Slovak Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice. The last time Hungary sued Slovakia in international court was when Slovakia rerouted their border river, the Dunube, onto Slovak territory.



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OSCE Commissioner, Knut Vollebaek

President Ivan Gasparovic

Prime Minister Robert Fico

German MEP (EPP)

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