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Invitation- Embassy of Hungary (Date/Exp. May. 19, 2006)
Submitted by: Kacskó on 12th May, 2006 - 10:56 - #1287

Washington Music Teachers Association
Piano Competition Winners’ Recital
Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
Washington, DC
May 19, 2006, 7:00 pm

Lyric Yu, For Children #5: Play
Soyoun In, For Children #30: Joking Song
Muli Yu, For Children #15
Elizabeth Hu, For Children #17 Round Dance
Carmen Knoll, For Children #6: Study for the Left Hand
Claire Kwong, For Children #21
Kazuo Osawa, For Children #8
Evelyn Mo, For Children #5: Play
Alex Jia Li, Merriment
Sooyoun In, Ballade
Valerie Zetts, Bear Dance
Sasha Bartol, Evening in Transylvania
Ann Liu, Syncopation
Daniel Zheang, Portrait of a Girl, from Sketches, Op. 9
Rebecca Zhang, Ostinato
Haruka Uki, Sonatina: Bagpipes
Jessica Shen, Merriment
Stephen Lam, Bagatelle Op. 6 #10
Niki Hua, From the Diary of a Fly
Kimberly Hou, Three Rondos on Folk Tunes, #3

WMTA is deeply grateful to Mr. Karoly Dan and the Embassy of the Republic of Hungary for hosting this presentation.
Teachers whose students appear in this concert include Nancy O’Neill Breth, Marjorie Lee, Yoshinori Hosaka, Valerica Maican, Barbara Wing and Jun Yang.
This evening’s awards were made possible by the generous support of Boosey & Hawkes Publishing Company.

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