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Whenever a people forgets it worthy past, the day will come when it will no have a past worth remembering

Enter our threshold with calm and tranquil spirit ...
(From a Székely Kapu)

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The owners of the Hungarian Mt. Tabor Development in West Virginia have donated in 1973 a ten-acre parcel to our Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation for the purpose of establishing a large Hungarian-family park. Through steadfast and prudent work and with the support of our members and friends we have been able to undertake the task which has been entrusted to us. Our first step was the building of the ALBA REGIA CHAPEL which was dedicated on the 25th anniversary of the Fight for Freedom. Since then we have perpetuated for our descendants the thousand year history of our strugling homeland. From stone and bronze we have erected a memorial to the heroes as well as to the victims of wars and the ensuing national, religious and political persecutions. In the chapel crypt we protect with compassion the ashes of almost one hundred of our compatriots who have been united with their families, coming from Europe to settle throughout the length and breadth of America.

In the recent past there have been more and more designated preferences for earth internments. After the renovations have been completed on the Chapel, our building plans in terms of pressing requirements cal1 for the construction of a caretaker's facility. Nonetheless, we have to take into consideration the ongoing request for burial services. However, there just has not been sufficient time to acquire the financial resources to meet the demands for this purpose. The cost of a 6 x 6 inch crypt niches is $300, with the larger 12 x 12 inch niche being $6OO. We can now suggest a solution for those who desire to expand their plans and wish to assure a space in the outer cemetery over and above the $300 basic fee. This would be possible with a tax-deductible contribution of $500 to create a fund which would be used for doubling the length of the present brick wall. Donors would receive an official confirmation of their contributions as well as an excerpted transcript of the Registered Title to the Property.

In view of the fact that what has been accomplished thus far is reflective of our homeland memories, we will retain the same scheme in the outside burials. We must provide on a continuing basis minimum maintenance for the general upkeep of the cemetery garden, the proper dispersion of the family Burial plots, as well as adequate weatherproofing protection against the elements. After much study we have selected as a model the parochial cemetery at Nagycenk Hungary, which is in the vicinity of the Széchényi Castle The gravestones may be selected as desired, preferably out of granite. In addition to the usual inscription (if any), the family coat of arms, the full name (in the case of a woman, the maiden name), and the place of birth may all be included.

Along the length of the first six gravesites, the present wall is 6 feet high, with the remaining longer span of the wall being 3 feet in height. If covered, the sites are 36 inches wide; if open (uncovered) , the framing may be of granite, brick, or natural stone, measuring in width 8 inches to a maximum of 12 inches, with the inner surface to be filled with ever-green planting. In both cases the space above the grave may be used for the placement of additional urns of ashes. The space between the sites must be left clear for walkways. In the lower chapel the urn storage niches are pure bronze, with appropriately-sized tablet markers, while the cover stones for the crypts are limestone from the Cathedral Stone Co. The inscription should be identical in form to that of the cemetery garden.

It is requested that a brief resume of the life history and accomplishments of loved ones be furnished to us in duplicate, for purposes of our filing records. If not provided otherwise, flowers may be ordered from the Berkeley Florists (Phone: 304 258-4498). For further information, please call our coordinator in Berkeley Springs (Phone: 304 258-4051) or in the Washington area (703 573-4559). For the handling of more pressing burial arrangements, you may contact the Hesley-Johnson.Funeral Home (Phone: 304 258-1015).

It is our sincere desire to facilitate the handling of arrangements in times of sensitive needs. We will be able to serve your more effectively if you will give us your kind consideration for support on a regular basis.

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