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Helsinki Commission Hearing...
19th March, 2013 by News

How would Senator Cardin or Congressman Smith feel is a French or German scholar held a hearing in Berlin or Paris on our U.S. Constitution, criticizing this document and calling it autocratic for any reason? The Hungarian Constitution (or Basic Law) was approved by a two-third majority in Parliament at the end of a democratic process. The Hungarian people who voted for the current government overwhelmingly, today continue to support that government overwhelmingly. Let the people decide. We are calling on Ms. Scheppele, Mr. Gati and Mr. Krugman to stop this political campaign on Mr. Bajnai's behalf who not too long ago sang the communist international at the annual congress of the socialist party (in 2009). A hearing should have been held in 2006 by this panel on Hungary's democratic future when innocent people were beaten into a bloody pulp by the Gyurcsany regime!

The democratic people of Hungary are fed up with foreign partisan interference in their internal affairs. Stop meddling in other democratic nations' constitutions, media freedom or any other domestic issues. Because what the panel is doing today at the suggestion of Ms. Scheppele is exactly that - an outside interference in a democratic nation's right to decide their own agenda. This is lock, stock and barrel against our U.S. values and democratic principles. You should be ashamed of taking part in this partisan political vendetta. And you should be ashamed of not responding to the recent ethnic murder of a Hungarian in Serbia. We should value life, particularly when Hungarians are being brutalized and killed for racist reasons in the ethnic Hungarian regions of Serbia, the Ukraine and Romania.

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